Brief history of the National Salón of Artists


The 43rd Salon


The 43rd edition, now known as the Colombian (Inter) National Salon of Artists is being held in the city of Medellín between September and November, 2013. The modification of its traditional name is a bow to the notion that the pressing reality of the world causes everything to change and the term “Inter” specifically denotes the international scope of the event, a change seen in the past two editions, and its growing interest in networking and establishing a dialogue between artworks by local, national and international artists.


This version of the Salon will take place in three venues (The Medellín Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Antioquia and the Antioquia building –formerly known as the Naviera Grancolombiana). It seeks, on the one hand, to address the traditions and knowledge of specific territories, and, on the other, notions long associated with art, such as uncertainty, doubt, ambiguity, the unknown and the collapse of univocal meanings, with a special focus on the context of Medellín, Colombia and South America. The aim is to effect a feedback between these apparently opposite but interrelated ideas.


The new Salon will present iconic and emblematic works of art in ways that make them accessible to a wide audience and highlight trends and developments in contemporary art that might otherwise go unnoticed.